Paser, an Italian company founded in 1992, is nowadays World Wide leader in the electronic production dedicated to the automotive market.
Paser proposes a wide range of products with the aim to maximize the comfort inside the car.

The Paser range of products includes:

  • Steering wheel commands interfaces to manage the aftermarket radios and the most common Bluetooth handsfree kits
  • Electronic devices to park in an easy way and to drive in total safety
  • iPod, iPhone, USB, Mp3 adapters and solutions to listen the DAB radio without changing the radio
  • Multimedia interfaces to transform you car in a real “100% relax space”.

Our products are universal and compatible with the majority of cars in the market.
The production process takes place directly in our factory; the manufacturing cycle is in fact developed entirely in Italy.
Paser is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. This guarantees a total quality in all the internal processes: research and development, production, technical assistance, etc.
Paser culture has a strong orientation towards innovation and flexibility, with a constant and deep attention for the customer (the technical assistance is free and high qualified).


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