mObridge is a brand of Fiberdyne Systems Pty Ltd, an automotive electronics
manufacturer that supports drivers in over 30 countries and provides the world’s auto makers with
audio and driver assistance products.
An Australian company focused on innovation and quality, Fiberdyne designs mObridge
interface devices to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. We started in
2004 with the mObridge Audio, which provided the world’s first aftermarket iPod integration
device for Porsche vehicles.
Since those early days, we have expanded our expertise in product design beyond iPod
integration, with a broad portfolio of interface devices that allow you and your music or
Bluetooth device to integrate within the vehicle.
Fiberdyne System’s R&D facilities in Australia, Europe and North America ensure that all
products address the real world requirements of drivers in each market. The company is
committed to developing products that are safe, comfortable and user-friendly for the automotive

We are relatively small manufacturing company however this makes our development time
quicker. By contracting our production facilities, we can focus on developing products tailored to
meet market demands faster while still maintaining high quality standards with our development
Our engineering division have expertise in:

  • MOST fibre optic connection
  • CAN-BUS connection
  • HD-audio (video) playback
  • Advanced iPod interfacing
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Satellite Radio integration
  • DSP Analog audio reproduction

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